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Welcome to the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board Procedures Manual

December 2015: Click here to view the latest changes.

A web-based version of Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 is available to users and this can be accessed via Section 8, Appendices from the Contents List or the button on the bottom left hand side of the page.


Please see 'Quick Guide' and 'Values'. You can access these by using the buttons on the left hand side of the screen.


Please read the Quick Guide which outlines the key amendments to the manual. Access Quick Guide from the left hand side of the screen.


Each chapter includes a print option so users will be able to print a chapter by clicking on the print icon.

However any chapters or sections which are printed are only valid until the next update of the manual is published; the responsibility is on the practitioner to make sure that any printed copies are destroyed when the next update is issued.

If you have any comments or queries regarding this manual please contact Lenka Devereux at

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