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1.1 Locality Working and No Names Consultations


No Names Consultations offer professionals an opportunity to discuss cases about which there is concern without the need to make a formal referral. The chapter sets out the benefits of a No Names Consultation and the possible outcomes ranging from no further action to formal referral to Children’s Social Care.

This chapter was added to the manual in December 2014.


  1. Requesting 'No Names' Consultations
  2. The Outcome of the No Names Consultation
  3. Requesting 'No Names' Consultation on Open Cases to Children's Social Care
  4. Subsequent Request for 'No Names' Consultations

    See also No Names Consultations - Guidance for MASH v1 and Referral Pathway.

1. Requesting 'No Names' Consultations

‘No names’ consultations provide the opportunity for professionals to discuss cases where there is anxiety or concern about how to progress an issue relating to a child and their family without making a formal referral to Children's Social Care. Parental consent is not required as discussion is done without disclosing the personal details of the child or their parents.

'No Names consultations' might take place through the Link Social Worker via surgeries / telephone contacts or via the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub. The professional requesting a consultation will initially call the Link Social Worker attached to their organisation (Link Social Workers' contact details are usually sent to the individual organisation). If the Link Social Worker is available, they will complete the consultation. If unavailable, the professional will be advised to contact or be transferred to the MASH. For those organisations without a Link Social Worker, the professional can contact the Link Social Worker covering the area in which their organisation is located. No ansa phone messages must be left and it is also important to remember this is not an emergency service.

The consultation process should not replace Child Protection procedures. If you think there might be child protection issues please contact the MASH on Tel: 0845 050 7666 for discussion without delay.

The following process should be followed whenever a consultation takes place:

  • The consultee must have a discussion with a designated safeguarding lead within their organisation to ensure management over sight and accountability prior to requesting 'No Names' consultation. The service does not provide a supervision function to practitioners;
  • Caller initially tries to call the locality link worker. If the Locality worker is available, they will complete the consultation. If unavailable, the caller will be advised to contact/transferred to the MASH. The guidance will need to make that clear, so that professionals do not try and contact the MASH in the first instance;
  • Establish the fact that you are not making a referral. This is a consultation only (all referrals must be directed through the MASH);
  • The consulting agency is responsible for providing detailed information about the concern to ensure appropriate advice is given (e.g. any historical social care involvement, Common CAF / TAC in place, settings child/ren attend and any other consultation by another agency etc.);
  • The consultation will be recorded by the Social Worker and a reference number will be given; 
  • No names consultation document will be saved on Children's Social Care's electronic database using the unique reference number which will identify the consultation but will not identify a child and their family;
  • The consultation form will be emailed/faxed/copied to the consulting agency as soon as possible;
  • The consulting agency should then file the consultation in their own records.

2. The Outcome of the No Names Consultation

The range of outcomes following 'No Names' consultations can be:

  • A practitioner offering further advice, guidance or services including preventative work;
  • A period of further assessment or monitoring;
  • A referral to Children's Social Care should the concern reach the threshold for a child in need (s17 of the Children Act 1989) or child protection plan (s47 of the Children Act 1989). (See Oxfordshire Thresholds of Needs Matrix and Common Assessment Framework Procedure).

    Whilst it is good practice to share with families an intention to make a referral to Children's Social Care about their child's welfare, it is not a prerequisite as in some circumstances parents should not be informed especially if doing so it is likely to place a child at increased risk of harm. The social Worker providing advice must make it clear in circumstances where informing parents would be inappropriate. This must be recorded clearly in the consultation document and the reasons given. Following receipt of the referral a copy of consultation will be uploaded on the child's record. 
  • No further action etc.

3. Requesting 'No Names' Consultation on Open Cases to Children's Social Care

'No Names' consultation can only be requested on cases not open to Children's Social Care. Practitioners must liaise directly with the allocated Social Worker supporting the child and their family should they have any concern. Having an open discussion with the family will allow you to find out whether or not there is Social Worker involvement.

4. Subsequent request for No Names Consultations

The consulting agency is responsible for providing previous 'No Names' consultation reference number/s and date/s of consultation to Children's Social Care to ensure all the information is linked.

Further professional guidance is available from “What to do if you’re worried that a child is being abused” revised by the Department for Education and Skills in December 2006.

The information may also relate to harm caused by another child, in which case both children, i.e. the suspected perpetrator and the victim, must be referred. See also Children who Exhibit Harmful Behaviour (Including Sexual, Physical and Emotional) Procedure.

The suspicion or allegation may relate to a parent or professional or volunteer caring for or working with the child. See also Allegations Against Staff, Carers and Volunteers Procedure.

A referral must be made even if it is known that Children, Education and Families are already involved with the child/family. Referrals should include details of all children within a household, and any other children suspected to be in contact with an alleged perpetrator.