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July 2016

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  1. Core Procedures where there are Concerns about a Child's Safety and Welfare
  2. Complaints and Professional Disagreements
  3. Procedures and Guidance for Children in Specific Circumstances
  4. Managing Individuals who Pose a Risk of Harm to Children
  5. Learning and Improvement
  6. Child Death
  7. Policy Framework, Principles and Values
  8. Appendices

1. Core Procedures where there are Concerns about a Child's Safety and Welfare

1.1 Locality Working and No Names Consultations  
1.2 Referrals (including Referral Pathway)  
1.3 Child and Family Assessments (Oxfordshire Children’s Social Care Manual)  
1.4 Strategy Discussions  
1.5 Child Protection Assessments  
1.6 Initial Child Protection Conferences Updated
1.7 Record of Children with a Child Protection Plan  
1.8 Implementation of Child Protection Plan - Lead Social Worker and Core Group Responsibilities  
1.9 Child Protection Review Conferences Updated
1.10 Assessment of an (Unborn) Child of a Young Person who is Looked After, Leaving Care or in whom there is Substantial Social Care/YOS Involvement  
1.11 Allegations Against Staff, Carers and Volunteers  
1.12 Complex (Organised or Multiple) Abuse  
1.13 OSCB Protocol for a Co-ordinated Response to Serious/Fatal Safeguarding Cases  
1.14 Complex Case Panel: Terms of Reference  

2. Complaints and Professional Disagreements

2.1 Professional Disagreement and Escalation Policy  
2.2 Escalation Policy for Professionals with Child Protection or Child Welfare Concerns  

3. Procedures and Guidance for Children in Specific Circumstances

3.1 Assessment of Risk in the Ante-natal and Peri-natal Period  
3.2 Bullying  
3.3 Child Abuse and Information Communication Technology  
3.4 Child Abuse Linked to Spiritual and Religious Beliefs  
3.5 Child Sexual Exploitation Updated
3.6 Children Living Away From Home (Including Foster Care and Private Fostering)  
3.7 Private Fostering  
3.8 Not Attending School  
3.9 Joint Protocol for Safeguarding Children Missing from Home or Care in Oxfordshire  
3.10 Children Moving Across Boundaries  
3.11 Children of Alcohol Misusing Parents  
3.12 Children of Drug Misusing Parents  
3.13 Parents with a Learning Disability  
3.14 Children who Self Harm and/or Display Suicidal Behaviour  
3.15 Children who Exhibit Harmful Behaviour (Including Sexual, Physical and Emotional)  
3.16 Disabled Children  
3.17 Dog bite injury requiring treatment: Protocol for managing a child’s care  
3.18 Responding to Children and Young People who are at Risk from Domestic Violence and Abuse - Policy and Guidance for Professionals  
3.19 Fabricated or Induced Illness  
3.20 Female Genital Mutilation Updated
3.21 Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence - Oxfordshire Protocol  
3.22 Male Circumcision  
3.23 Safeguarding Children from Abroad  
3.24 Cross Border Child Protection Cases Under the 1996 Hague Convention (Oxfordshire Children’s Services Procedures Manual)  
3.25 Safeguarding Children who may have been Trafficked  
3.26 Oxford University Hospital Trust - Guideline on Management and Assessment of Young People Following Deliberate Self-Harm  
3.27 Guidance for Professionals Safeguarding Sexually Active Young People Under the Age of 18 Including Those at Risk of Sexual Exploitation in Oxfordshire  
3.28 Safeguarding Children and Young People Against Radicalisation and Extremism  
3.29 Gangs, Serious Youth Violence and Violent Extremism  
3.30 Protocol for Assessing and Managing Children and Unborn Children at Risk Who Have Parents or Carers with Mental Health Issues  
3.31 Procedures in Relation to Drivers and Escorts Transporting Children  
3.32 Guidance and Procedure in Relation to Foreign Exchange Visits  
3.33 Pre-Trial Therapy  
3.34 Historical Abuse  
3.35 Guidance on use of Mental Capacity Act 2015 re 16/17 year olds New

4. Managing Individuals who Pose a Risk of Harm to Children

4.1 MAPPA - Local Working Requirements  

5. Learning and Improvement

5.1 Learning and Improvement Framework  

6. Child Death

6.1 Child Death Review Process (including Rapid Response Process and Child Death Overview Panel Process) New

7. Policy Framework, Principles and Values

7.1 Foreword and Introduction  
7.2 Policy, Principles and Values  
7.3 Recognition of Significant Harm - Definitions and Signs of Abuse  
7.4 Oxfordshire Thresholds of Needs Matrix and Common Assessment Framework  
7.5 The Assessment Framework  
7.6 Legal Framework for Safeguarding Children in Individual Cases  
7.7 Information Sharing Protocol Updated
7.8 General Medical Council Guidance to Doctors regarding 0-18s  
7.9 Guidance on Role of Dentists in Child Protection  

8. Appendices

8.1 Local Contacts  
8.2 Local Keywords  
8.3 Multi Agency Referral Form  
8.4 Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015  
8.5 NICE Guidelines – ‘When to suspect child maltreatment'  
8.6 Guidance on Editing Chapters and Providing Material to Tri.x  
8.7 Amendments